Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Need To Take A Breather

Thank you for stopping by. Because I'm trying to make two book deadlines by April 1, I will need to temporarily step back from the blog. I will see you in the spring!



Sarah S. G. Frantz said...

Nooooo! You can't stop there! Oh my goodness! I mean, I know how it ends, but aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Bestselling Author SUSAN DONOVAN said...

Sarah - Sorry. I know that was a very "cliffhangery" kind of place to take a break. It wasn't even intentional! If I don't get these books done, then the last entry of this blog will be, "Then Susan was shunned from the publishing industry, the great black stain of shame smeared upon her name. These days, Susan and her Labradoodle live in a creekside refrigerator box in rural Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to an audio version of your newest book and that is how I found out about your injuries. Then I found this blog. Inspirational, sad, funny, all at once. Glad you are recovering and look forward to more of your wonderful books.